recipe of me

FarahEdz (aka The Girl With Coffe) did this incredibly creative tag on her blog, and I was really excited to try it out, especially since it’s one of the most unique and original tags I’d seen in a while. Added bonus was the super sweet reply she gave me when I commented:

Sometimes the only bright spot in my day is the idea that there’s enough good in the world for strangers across the globe to be so chill and friendly with people they don’t even know. Gives me a little faith in humanity as a whole 🌱

Anyway, on to the tag!

It was created by Trisha Malone, and has the following rules:

  1. Tag me as the creater
  2. Tag 5 other people (i’m being nice ok). This means you can’t just say ‘i’m tired anyone do this’ (i’m looking at you leo)
  3. Be a unicorn today because optimist yo
  4. Give a method that you feel is the ‘recipe of you’. 

There isn’t actually a banner but I just did one really quickly because I like to believe I have a flair for graphic design (I don’t).

*Side note: I based this recipe on one of my favourite dishes, which is fried rice, so it’s kinda very Asian-y.*

How to make a Kai

1) Heat up 1 tablespoon of pespiration from excessive exercise into your wok. Allow to simmer. 

2) Dice up some cheerfulness. Add into wok.

3) Add in equal parts of awkwardness, optimism, and a tendency to jump to conclusions. 

4) Stir-fry all of this for at least two minutes.

5) Pour in two cups of an easy temper. Season with a dash of insecurity, and toss everything together.

6) Add a pinch of stress.

7) Take a bunch of good ideas. Make sure they’re not ripe. Dice them up and sprinkle them in.

8) Garnish with a little stubbornness. 

9) Serve with a side of laughter. 

And there you have it! A simplified recipe to make your very own Kai.

I tag:

  1. Giselle
  2. Waves of Awesomeness 
  3. Stella
  4. That Willow Girl
  5. Anyone reading this right now. Go do the tag! Do it!

    If anyone decides to do this post, do let me know! I find it super interesting and I’d love to read your posts ✨