German music 

Hey guys! I don’t know if I ever mentioned this before but I actually study German. I live in Singapore, so I have little (if any) experience with the language. One of the ways I tried to expose myself to German, particularly in the earlier days, was through music. My absolute favourite band is an NDH band called Oomph! but I do want to do a separate post on them, probably on my music blog.

I recently came across some really good songs, and I thought I’d share them here because even if not all of us can speak the language we can all appreciate a good tune. 

1) Dann kommt die Musik – Flowrag

2) Aus Gold – Tagtraeumer

This is SO GOOD it’s such a typical teenager feel-good song. It makes me feel so free and happy. 

3) Ich bereue Nichts

There is no way to describe Stefanie Kloß’s voice other than… 👌

4) Musik sein – Wincent Weiss

5) Herz über Kopf – Joris

6) So schön kaputt – SDP

7) Fühlt sich wie fliegen an – Max Herre ft. Cro

This is the chillest song that ever chilled. It has the wear-a-big-shirt-lie-on-couch-eat-chips-and-bob-head-in-time-to-beat vibes.

8) Perfekt Unperfekt

The girl in the video is almost the most gorgeous female I have ever seen.

9) Fick ihn doch – Alligatoah

This is extremely vulgar but the video and lyrics are so hilarious. Alligatoah makes really funny songs. Also, I have actually found that listening to rap can exponentially improve one’s ability to understand spoken German.