Nature. We hardly pay attention to it, yet it’s still there, relentlessly, unapologetically beautiful and blazing and bright. 
I think nature as a concept is very attractive to a lot of people. We like the pretty flowers, the idea of wide open green fields or groves of tall fir trees, dappled deer peeping shyly out from behind the moss-covered trunks. Rose petals, birdsong, softness, music. All associated with the idea of nature. The word itself is immediately evocative of whimsical little tableus worthy of any tumblr user’s blog. 

But, in loving the idealistic version of nature, we dye it with our own expectations and when it doesn’t live up to our idea of this perfect dream fantasy world, we stop appreciating it and look for another spot that does live up to our fantasies.

But nature is more than that. Nature is more than moss and flowers and idyll and butterflies. Nature is soil. Nature is warmth. Nature is the smell of humidity in our nostrils when we breathe in on a particularly warm summer night. Nature is the gentle breeze, but it is also the hurricane. Nature is gentle, foaming waves breaking on the shore, but it is also the tsunami. 
Nature is venomous snakes, blind mole rats, funnel-web spiders and gulper eels. Nature is all the animals we glossed over in school because they were too ugly to hold our interest for long. 

How captivated we can be by beauty, and yet, how blind we can become to all of its facets when we only focus on one.

2238 // creative challege #1

In the past two years, I realised I haven’t been doing as much creative stuff as I used to do (e.g. writing, drawing comics, singing etc.) because life is pretty hectic right now. I thought it would be a good idea to just set myself a weekly/fortnightly (I’m not sure yet, we’ll see) “creative challenge” so I have a chance to exercise my imagination, even if it’s just in a small way.

My last post was about names, so I kinda wanted to do something where I come up with a person/character based on the name, like what they look like, how they behave etc. Sadly, I cannot draw humans to save my life, so I won’t be putting up pictures or anything, but I’ll do my best to bring them to life with words.

Freckled, tousled brown hair, hazel eyes. He’s five, and refuses to be separated from his toy giraffe. His mum dresses him- long white socks, blue sneakers that have clearly seen better days, light brown shorts and light green T-shirt with an unidentifiable stain on the front. He smells like grass, innocence and sunshine, and he smiles like real life hasn’t quite caught up to him yet.

Fifteen and popular. Plays basketball, and plays it pretty well. Straight, dark brown hair that keeps falling into his eyes, tanned. Athletic build, but shoulders are narrower than he would like. Dimples. Recently started figuring out that he cared about how he dressed, and as a result wears a lot of short-sleeved button-downs. Has yet to figure out that they don’t exactly go with basketball shorts. Always wears the same white shoes. Confidence fairly oozes out of his walk and talk, and his laugh is infectious. Has a fairly attractive habit of running his hands through his hair when he’s thinking. Seems to have trapped a little of the sky in his eyes.

Thick, brown hair. Wavy, falls down her back. Brown skin. Moss-coloured eyes. Probably plays the violin. Hates jeans, loves dresses. Favourite colour: gold. Favourite music: the kind that sounds like it could be the soundtrack to a particularly cheesy love scene in a particularly cheesy movie. Could pass for a wood-nymph if she tried.

On her seventeenth birthday, she cut her hair without her mother knowing, and now she has a really shaggy pixie cut. Cheekbones so sharp they could kill a man. Fair. Enjoys a good cup of hot chocolate. Reads a lot about sharks and dolphins. Has a shirt that says “Save the Whales”. Takes a lot of selfies with her tongue out.

Smiles a lot. Grey eyes. Rough hair, bleached brown by the sun and swimming-pool chlorine. Stunningly white teeth, considering the braces. Really obvious tanlines, and has given up trying to cover them up. Big fan of tank-tops. Wears slippers everywhere (green and yellow Havaianas).

So! That was pretty fun. If you’ve made it to this point, thanks for reading through four paragraphs of my nonsense. Also, let me know: did you visualise Kai as a girl or a boy? Just curious.

If anyone else wants to do this, please let me know! I’d love to read whatever you guys come up with.