a ball
a balloon
breathless laughter
a flash of colour
wollen hat



Kind of interesting how on a video about a woman discriminated against for her accent when she speaks English has so many comments which kind of “devalue” her experience in a way? A lot of (I assume) people of colour were commenting and saying “oh I get judged before I even open my mouth” or “at least she still looks like them”. That’s a little sad because here you have this woman who’s so affected by the discrimination she faces in everyday life until she’s actually asking an accent coach to change her English accent at her age (which is very, very hard), and people who have also experienced discrimination (albeit in a different way) are not encouraging her but instead disparaging her efforts. I feel like people see being discriminated against some kind of “contest”; like, “oh, I’m more oppressed than you are so I’m more valid” like what that’s so weird you have your own battles others have theirs?

I understand feeling bitter about the woman being able to change (to a certain extent) her accent while you can’t change your skin colour/appearance, but firstly, it’s not that easy to change one’s accent, especially as an adult, and secondly, shouldn’t you be able to relate to the erasure of her culture/her being shamed for something that is a natural part of her to the point where she is embarassed of her heritage and background?
I suppose as someone of a majority race it’s not really my place to make judgements but it’s just quite sad that the world is so full of hate and divisions nowadays to the point where people even get angry when they don’t agree with other people’s experience of oppression… which is kind of weird. 

Not saying those people who experienced “oppression” for being Trump supporters have any excuse. That was really just ridiculous. If you’re discriminated against for supporting a racist bigot and support discriminatory policies against Mexicans you kind of deserve not to be served your burritos by one of those people whose mothers you indirectly got deported.