2136 // workout motivation

My canoe team has developed this series of so-called “mantras” that we yell at each other during training to encourage each other. I noticed I quite a few people I follow seem to have made working out a new year’s resolution, so I decided I would post some of my favourites here as kind of “fitspo” for you guys. Also, for those of you who may not lead such active lifestyles, I feel like the quotes can still apply to you. The whole point of a sports mindset is to work hard and give it your all, which can be applied in basically every area in life. 

I did my best to make them pretty! But please note that I’m artistically challenged. Also please ignore the very visible watermark.

That’s a canoe classic. “You’re stronger than you think”. This is most often used when we’re running long-distance, and it’s meant to encourage us to push ourselves. Don’t be afriad to run that extra kilometre/mile, don’t be afraid to add that extra weight to your bicep curl, don’t be afraid to feel sweat dripping down your back and don’t be afraid to push yourself until you feel like your arms, legs and lungs are dying  and you’re ready to swear off exercising ever again-  because no matter how close you think you are to your limit, you can always push that line just a little bit further because…

…it’s all in your mind. Every time you want to give up, remember the only limits we have are mental. Your body can do anything your mind tells it to do. This quote basically means that any time you feel exhausted or ready to give up, you just need to tell yourself…

Sometimes it’s the simplest phrases that pack the most punch. I will forever remember the first training I attended after I got back from a two-week exchange trip with my school and was super unfit. After about 5 km, my arms were about to die, and my stroke technique was deteriorating by the second. Then, from behind me, I heard my friend saying: “Kai, don’t give up!” with such conviction in his tone that I turned around to check who it was. It was (obviously) a teammate of mine, and he was one of the fastest guys in my team. He soon overtook me but because of that tiny sentence, I felt 100% more motivated to finish my set and finish it well.

I feel like this isn’t so applicable to people who just do light exercise to maintain their weight or stay fit, but for athletes and people who are really into bodybuilding or something this is a really good thing to keep in mind when y’all are training. If we don’t push ourselves, we’ll never improve. Plus, #traininsane is a great hashtag. 

So yeah! Keep it up at all my fellow humans, it’s worth it in the end. 

I’m volunteering at SCM tomorrow, so more on that soon.


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