Anyone else on Duolingo?

Right now I’m concentrating on Russian, and I’ll probably move on to French after about a few more months when I’m more familiar with Russian. I wanna learn Polish and Ukrainian as well (can you tell I have a thing for Slavic languages), hopefully moving on to Dutch at some point in time as I learn German in school. It would be interesting to attempt Hebrew, but we’ll see. currently speak fluent English, as well as semi-fluent Chinese (my Mother Tongue).

I find that, to use Duolingo (it’s an app as well by the way!), basic knowledge of grammar (things like conjugations, gender of nouns, adjective endings etc.) really helps maximise your learning experience. I definitely recommend learning a little grammar before using duolingo. Also, for languages that have a different alphabet to the language you’re familiar with (e.g. Russian which uses the Cryllic alphabet), you should learn to pronounce/read it first.

I really recommend this for language enthusiasts, because it provides not only resources to practise and learn new languages, it also means you have a community of fellow learners who can help you with any difficulties. It’s just nice to have company when you’re trying something new, y’know?



2 thoughts on “0109

  1. Madi January 8, 2017 / 8:15 am

    I actually started doing Russian on duoligo as well!! I am awful at it. I mainly use it for French, and I love how duolingo looks and operates 🙂


    • Kai January 8, 2017 / 12:22 pm

      same!! it’s so simple but effective! i think Russian is hard because of conjugations 😦

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