Berlin: Zwischen Ostalgie und Mythos Kreuzberg

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Repräsentationen der deutschen Hauptstadt im Spielfilm sind vielfältig. Die diversen Genres die in ihr gedreht wurden sind ebenso breit gefächert wie die Epochen in denen diese Filme entstanden: Von Dokumentarfilmen der 1920er Jahre wie Berlin – Die Sinfonie einer Großstadt über den deutschen Film der 1970er/80er Jahre – z.B. Der Himmel über Berlin – , bis hin zum gegenwärtigen Kino um Bridge of Spies oder Victoria. Es ist jedoch die Gegenüberstellung von Ost- und Westberlin in zwei Filmen um die Jahrtausendwende, die zwei teilweise verklärende Konzepte visualisiert. In Leander Haußmanns Filmen Herr Lehmann und Sonnenallee werden Ost wie West aus einer besonderen Perspektive gezeigt, die gezeigten Bilder zeichnen sich wie folgt:

Sonnenallee ist Leander Haußmanns Erstlingsfilm aus dem Jahr 1999. Er überzeichnet das Leben in der DDR, speziell in der direkt auf der Grenze zwischen Ost- und Westberlin gelegenen Sonnenallee, in fast comichafter Manier. Gesellschaftlich konstruierte Bilder und Klischees füllen…

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Book Haul #48: Happy to Work in a Book Store


Zezee with Books

Helloooo EVERYONE who follows my blog or is just passing by! Glad to see you all again. I know it’s been a while since I last posted something. Life has been VERY busy because now yah girl is juggling 2 jobs and hardly has time for anything else. I’m so behind on my usual posts that I’m debating whether or not to do a November roundup (especially since we’re now in the middle of December).

But here I am! Back. And posting a book haul because a) it’s been a while since I’ve done so and b) I WORK IN A BOOKSTORE AND GOT A GREAT DISCOUNT!!! 😀 😀 I was so excited about the discount that I went a little crazy and bought more than I intended. I even ended up purchasing Michelle Obama’s Becoming twice! >> One for me and one for my auntie. 🙂 EVERYONE is…

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De Sua Clepsydra

Setting mine hour-glass for a witness by
To measure study as the time did fly:
A lingering muse possessed my thinking brain:
My mind was reaching, but in such a vein,
As if my thoughts, by thinking brought asleep
Wingless and footless, now like snails did creep.
I eyed my glass, but he so fast did run,
That e’er I had begun, the hour was done.
The creeping sands with speedy pace were flit,
Before one reason crept out of my wit.
When I stood still, I saw how time did fly:
When my wits ran, time ran more fast than I.
Stay here: I’ll change the course, let study pass,
And let time study while I am the glass.
What touch ye, sands? are little mites so fleet?
Can bodies run so swift that have no feet?
And can ye tumble time so fast away?
Then farewell hours, I’ll study by the day.

Just As I Am

The significance of this song: anyone, any time, can approach the Lord for grace, forgiveness and mercy. You are never beyond his saving grace and love. Never. Thank You Lord for accepting me, a sinner, and guiding me on this path of sanctification and a life lived for Your glory, no matter how vile the wrongs I’ve done or no matter how much I feel unworthy of Your peace- You show me that I cannot do anything to “deserve” You less, because my salvation is only because of You.

Hogwarts House Book Recommendations (Slytherin)

Wrote this in 2017! Inspired by A Clockwork Reader on YouTube.

Traits: ambition, cunning and resourcefulness

I think it was really important to pick books that showed all sides of the Slytherin character, which is often imperfectly explored. I wanted to avoid the typical “dark” novels that (understandably) make up most of the reccomendations for this house and tried to choose books that would genuinely resonate with Slytherins instead of just playing up the “dark wizard” angle.

1) Sophie’s Choice

Main character, Sophie, is interesting because she is not a heroine in the true sense of the word, yet she and her actions are undeniably the main focus of the novel. She isn’t guided by conventional moral principles, so her actions to the outsider would result in them forming the opinion that she is ruthless and manipulative, but when rightly understood reveal her intensely strong sense of loyalty and immense drive to do whatever it takes to protect what is important to her.

I think Slytherins would in general be intrigued by stories from concentration camps/war. When civilised society is at and end and it’s every man for themself, it is interesting to see how strong the human instinct for survival is, easily overriding our values and morals. Slytherins would, perhaps, say that times of hardship showcase the true character of the human race- as a species who are devoted to survival, and who will go to any lengths to keep what they treasure safe.

2) To Kill a Mockingbird

The main character Scout is, to me, a Gryffindor-Slytherin hybrid. I put her under Slytherin because I wanted to show how “Slytherin” does not automatically mean “evil”. Scout possesses all of the traits a Slytherin is meant to have- ambition, cunning, and resourcefulness- and uses these traits to navigate the world around her as she grows and learns about friendship, loyalty, and justice.

I think Scout is a really good example of the idea that one’s character traits are not necessarily indicative of their motives or principles. The connotations of these adjectives notwithstanding, a shy person does not necessarily wish to isolate themselves, a calculative person does not necessarily advocate deceitfulness, and a brave person is not necessarily a hero.

3) Memoirs of a Geisha

Extremely Slytherin-y. In Chiyo’s world, nothing is off-limits when one wants to climb to the top. The people in this book are mostly struggling to make a name for themselves in a highly competitive environment, which a lot of Slytherin will be able to relate to.

I think an interesting part of the book (and also a very Slytherin-y part) is that every character in the book is intensely and fully human, in every sense of the word. Noblity, chivalry, love and honour live hand-in-hand with cunning, ruthlessness, hatred and deceit. Slytherins, of all the houses, are the most interesting to me because they best showcase the full complexity of human character. No one is either fully good or fully bad, and I feel that this book is a good illustration of the duality of human nature, which I think Slytherins would be able to understand.

4) Game of Thrones

Cutthroat characters, intense storyline, power, loyalty. The entire series is one long, carefully planned, blood-filled struggle to come out on top.

5) Lolita

I think it’s interesting to have undeniably wrong crimes like child sexual exploitation explained by the perpetrator. This is a theme which Slytherins would definitely be interested in, since they often live in the grey area of morality because they are driven to succeed at any cost.

The protagonist, Humbert Humbert, displays distinctly Slytherin traits such as ambition (to be recognised for his literary talent, his narcissism, need to be admired), manipulativeness (exploitation of main character and psychologists), and willingness to do anything to succeed (decieving Lo’s mother, crossing the country with Lo to avoid detection, elaboate traps). Humbert commits one of the most taboo crimes, yet, he has his own bizarre justifications for his actions, but because of his eloquence makes the reader sympathise with him while abhorring him at the same time. I think it would be interesting for Slytherins to experience this, as it is something they are probably well able to do or have done. They can, in a sense, “understand” the main character.

millennial pink

“this night is about us – this month, this lifetime”

Melody Chen

we sip vodka sunrises at midnight
you are one-hundred-and-twenty-two days from 18
and i, forty-seven
men pass and whistle at our cling-wrap skirts
and i have never felt more like a woman

you grab my hand and we sprint through the city
through red lights and intersections
baby giraffes in 12cm stilettos
it is so pretty to have a laugh that tastes like candy-floss
looks as unicorn as our frappuccinos

this night is about us – this month, this lifetime
it is an art you know, to wrap things around our fingers
even when are hands are full – darling,
we are so good at making our business everyone else’s concerns
the world at our feet, still learning how to kneel

everything is pastel now, soft of hue
the world bruises our rose-petal skin
with shades too vivid, so we close our eyes
build exposed brick walls and keep this…

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